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Join Us for Giving Tuesday and Make a Difference!

Updated: Feb 21

Giving Tuesday

Unite for Good: Join Our Giving Tuesday Campaign and Make an Impact!

Today is not just any Tuesday—it's Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to generosity, compassion, and making a positive impact. At Altium Cares, we are excited to be part of this global movement, and we invite you to join us in spreading kindness and hope. As a reminder, our Year-End Matching Campaign is still in full swing, and every donation you make will be generously matched, doubling the impact of your contribution!


Did you know donating appreciated assets to charity is a tax-smart way to support your favorite causes? Appreciated assets are non-cash assets that have increased in value over time, such as stocks, real estate, or cryptocurrency. By donating these assets directly to a charity or a donor-advised fund, you can eliminate the capital gains tax you would incur if you sold the assets yourself and donated the proceeds. This may increase the amount available for charity by up to 20%


Donate Stock Through Cocatalyst

Make the most of your investment gains by donating stocks. Your gift will not only support our mission but also provide you with valuable tax benefits. Donate stock today!

Donate Crypto

Embrace the future of giving by donating cryptocurrency. Your crypto donations can help us achieve groundbreaking results in our quest for positive change. Make your crypto donation!

Donate by Bank/Card

If you prefer traditional methods, visit our website at Altium Cares to contribute using your bank or credit card. Remember, our Year-End Matching Campaign is still in full swing, and every donation you make will be matched!


We believe in investing in companies that will make a meaningful difference in the world, and our commitment to this goal is reflected in everything we do. In further pursuit of our mission, we have decided to match all donations for the rest of the 2023 year. This means we are matching every dollar donated 1:1, enabling you to double your impact. 

We invite you to join us in this journey of creating a better world for all.



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